Hawaiian Airlines

Out of PTO? No problem.

Book the Hawaiian Air T.E.C.H Conference for your next "work trip." 

Print: Tease the T.E.C.H. Conference (Tropical. Escape. Code. Hawaiian.)

Digital: We'll capture desk workers searching for a way out. 

After booking, escapees will receive a mailer disguised as an invitation to a vague T.E.C.H. conference. 

Prop business sets: Once you've arrived in Hawaii, to help really sell it, snap all the shots of awkward smiles, handshakes, and other
people-in-business-attire photography you need.

Window Decal: Just before landing, send over an aerial shot of beautiful Kansas City, or something.


Business Swag: Pronounced like "schwag" to be extra annoying.


Snapchat filter: Let us know when to stop.



Postcard: If anyone still doubts you, show them this.


postcards_v1 (1).jpg